Sonntag, 25. August 2013

Hedgehog in the fog needs help!

When I was a child there was a cartoon which was called "Hedgehog in the fog". Sure there were a lot of sowjet cartoons, lot of people even in the west know "Rabbit and the Wolf", but "Hedgehog in the fog" was special. It was mysterious the look and the music and therefore it stayed in the memory and all the now-adults who were raised in the eighties in Sowjetunion know immidiately what I'm refering too, when I say "Hooorse" or "Heeedgehooog". The cartoon won also lot of international prizes and has masters of anime as fans and was recognized as the best animation film of all times in Japan. Also Michel Gondry was inspired by "Hedgehog in the fog", when he did Bjorks "Human Behaviour" video. So here is the famous film with english subtitles:

In Kiev there is even a statue of hedgehog dedicated to the film. But some stupid vandals demolished the statue. Hedgehog writes in his Facebook: I don't remember who attacked me. In early morning somebody pulled raspberry jam from my paws. I started to hiss at them and wanted to bite the burglar, but something sharp hit me in my face and I lost conciоusness."

The creator of the statue now tries to repair the wounds, but he is asking for help. A friend of mine will travel to Kiev and meet him. So if you want to help to restaurate the hedgehog, please drop me a message and share that one.